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Young Workers

Think back to your first months on a new job. Did your desire to please your boss or to show your competence exceed your ability? Were you adequately trained to take on the tasks that you were required to do? Often young workers feel pressure to perform in roles that are unfamiliar and as a […]

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Time to Spring Forward?

This story is part 2 of my Daylight Savings Time Series … Spring Forward; Fall Back Saskatchewan is a province that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time and our safety statistics indicate we often don’t observe safety hazards. In the past I have stated that “Being safe isn’t about living with a complete lack of risk, […]

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Injury Aftermath

Injury Aftermath is an in-depth exploration of the emotional impact of an injury. The physical impacts are usually felt immediately, but often emotional trauma lives long beyond the physical wounds. Injury Aftermath dares to explore and expose the emotional journey embarked upon when a serious injury occurs. My journey began on November 22, 2008. It seemed […]

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