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Unaddressed Hazards

At last year’s garage sale I was reminded of the result of not addressing a hazard. This really wasn’t a safety hazard, but actually a security hazard. It was the last couple of hours in our 2-day garage sale and we finally convinced our son to bring his Play Station Portable (PSP) into the garage […]

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Speak up for Safety!

This afternoon it was a beautiful outside so I decided to go for a walk. I was walking downtown Regina and came up to the intersection of Hamilton and 11th, but needed to wait for the walk light. The lady on my right was already standing on the edge of the curb waiting for the […]

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Beyond Hope

I wrote this blog because it stood in stark contrast to what I tell people as a motivational speaker. I tell people to persevere, to press through adversity, and not to give up. I also talk a lot about perspective and this story may reveal a deeper perspective than I have ever shared. Yesterday I […]

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