Bell Pepper Breakfast & Safety Programs

STOP Cutting Corners

STOP Cutting Corners!

It might seem like a strange correlation, but allow me some leeway and I’ll explain how Bell Peppers and Safety Programs relate.

This story starts back in the spring because in order to get a harvest one must first sow seeds. My first step in the process was to purchase a plant from Wayne Ward’s Greenhouse which he seeded even earlier in the spring. The Bell Pepper plant was transplanted into a bigger container then nurtured throughout the spring and became a nice healthy plant. During the summer it required attention through watering and keeping the weeds from taking over. In Regina the most prevalent weed was Elm tree sprouts. When we left for holidays during the hot weeks of August we ensured our house sitter was diligently watering our prized Bell Peppers.

September came and surprised us with a minus five degree Celsius night, but I was aware the frost was coming and brought the Peppers into the house for the evening. The rest of September was beautiful and the Pepper harvest was unparalleled from previous seasons. Some of the peppers weren’t fully mature so I decided to leave them on the vine. October approached and I continued my daily diligence of bringing the peppers in for each day of forecasted frost. Until last night.

With an evening of minus four I awoke abruptly this morning recalling that I may not have gone through my regular habit of bringing my beloved Bell Peppers into the house. I ran downstairs and onto the back deck to see the crispy wilted peppers that were unable to endure the harsh evening frost. I was upset, but there was nothing I could do to salvage the peppers. Why did I forget to bring the peppers in? Why didn’t I harvest the peppers that were already matured? I did what any frustrated gardener would do … I had Bell Peppers for breakfast.

These Bell Peppers may be like your safety program. You’ve done your best to nurture it and help it grow. There may have been difficult times, but you put in the extra effort to ensure that your program continued to prosper. It did and you may have even won a number of awards and have several months or maybe even years with ‘no time lost’ due to injuries. It only takes one injury, one act of complacency or one time cutting a corner to place an indelible mark on a flawless record. So what’s a person or company to do? Harvest your safety achievements by encouraging your staff and strengthening your safety habits. Then you won’t find yourself eating Bell Peppers for breakfast.

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