Abundant Blessing

I have been very fortunate to live a life of abundant blessing. I have been blessed with a great family and many friends. I have been blessed with good jobs, a nice home and an awesome country to live in. It’s not that everything’s always “comin’ up roses”, but I do have a lot to be thankful for.

This year I’ve had the privilege to speak to over 3,000 people in Saskatchewan with a message that I deliver passionately because I believe in it so strongly. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity and responsibility. I have always had a passion for public speaking and can recall a conversation with my wife over 7 years ago about my ideal job. I told her if there was a way could speak to 100 or 200 people everyday, now that would be a job I would enjoy. My problem was I didn’t know what I would say. What use would it be to fill everyone’s ears with something that made no difference?

Fast forward to November 2008, I was only in the hospital for a week after my injury, but I recall those days of immense pain and the thoughts jumbled in my head about how I could use my injury to help others. In the months that followed, this dream continued to grow as I suffered through different disappointments and failures. I was very focused on my recovery, which included some intense therapy to rehabilitate my hand. I remember having a meeting with my manager three months after my injury and letting her know that when I came back to work I would be pursuing speaking opportunities and I hoped that would work alright alongside my job. After the meeting I thought about how that must’ve sounded … she must have thought I was a wing nut or that there was more than just a little nerve damage in my hand and that somehow my brain was impacted.

I had a number of conversations with the principal and a teacher at my children’s school and that ended up being the first stop of my speaking career. It was only six months after my injury, I had just started back to work part-time, but I recall feeling so driven to come to the school and share. I spoke to the grade nine students about the high injury rate of young workers and didn’t “show my hand” until the last 10 minutes of the presentation. As the classroom let out a collective gasp, their shock and reaction ended up bringing me to tears. I intended to make the presentation impacting, but never considered it would impact me.

That day was very fulfilling and marked the start of a brand new journey. Realizing I have been given an opportunity to impact people in a positive way has become an awesome responsibility and something I take immense pride and satisfaction in. I hope you don’t see this as being smug or boastful, but I truly feel that I’ve found my purpose. A big part of that purpose is being willing to be open about struggles and difficulties and helping people navigate through similar situations they have encountered.

Do you have blessings that you could share with others? Is someone you know going through some turmoil that you’ve already encountered? Why not pass along your blessings and “lend a hand”? Happy Thanksgiving!

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