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Anger & Frustration

Two of the emotions you are bound to encounter when dealing with loss or the fallout from an injury are anger and frustration. My daughter came in the house visibly upset, “I’m so mad, I can’t believe what I just did!” My wife and I came running as my daughter continued, “I’m so stupid! … […]

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A Step Away From Disaster!

I have tweeted a number of times related to vehicle safety, but the harsh reality is that driving a vehicle is likely the most dangerous activity that most people engage in. The term “cutting corners” originated during the horse and buggy days when cutting a corner was quite dangerous. A similar danger would still exist […]

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Time passes; wounds mend

On November 22, 2011 it was 3 years since my injury. At first I measured distance from my injury in hours, then days and now finally years. I suppose it’s long enough to forget certain aspects, but short enough to remember the impact. Time heals wounds, but often it’s the scars that remind us of […]

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You givin’ me the Finger?

Okay you’ve all noticed it … some of you have even been brave enough to say it. I have to watch how I wave to people because of it. The newly adjusted configuration of my hand looks like I’m constantly giving the finger, flippin’ the bird or givin’ the Trudeau salute. I felt kind of […]

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“What separates people … is not the presence or absence of difficulty, but how they deal with the inevitable difficulties of life.” – states Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. Part of “dealing with difficulties” is training yourself how to adapt to the limitations that have been placed upon you. Some people say […]

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How serious is a Hand injury?

Warning – You may prefer to skip this blog if you have a weak stomach since it contains graphic photos and a video of my hand injury.  It may be unlikely that you would die from a hand injury, but a hand injury can have a very significant impact on your life. Stop to consider the importance […]

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Garage Sale Safety

I’m quite certain that Regina, Saskatchewan is the center of the Garage Sale universe. On a particularly busy Friday or Saturday you would be able to find over 100 garage sales in the city of Regina. We just had a garage sale this past weekend and it always feels good to get rid of things and […]

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Acceptance is likely the most difficult stage of the grieving process. Without accepting that you have changed or that the changes imposed on you have taken place you cannot begin to adapt or triumph over it. Often acceptance is inaccurately viewed as defeat, but it should be viewed as victory. My right hand was my […]

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Fear – Friend or Foe

November 22, 2001 … I stand on the edge of the Batoka Gorge in Zambia Africa beholding the majesty of a spectacular canyon etched out of the rock by the river below. 54 metres separate me from the bottom of the canyon down the sheer rock face. I see opportunity. An opportunity for an experience […]

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Perspective Waiting to be Noticed

One of the biggest tools in addressing an obstacle or injury is perspective. Often the obstacle is obstructing your view from everything else. It takes a predominant position and calls out to your consciousness, blocking everything beyond its view. Perhaps my last blog was even a little representative of a loss of perspective. Perspective is […]

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