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“Amazing presentation! You have been given an excellent gift to speak and share – you are doing an amazing job!”
– J. Spies, Saskatchewan Abilities Council

“Best Presentation I have ever seen! You helped change my life!”
– P. Zabron, HD Management (at Mosaic Safety Fair) Video Testimonial.

Video testimonials from other clients

Alberta Milk – 2016 AGM
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Farm Credit Canada
Government of Saskatchewan – Ministry of Agriculture
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Progressive Farm Safety Day 2017 – Montmartre SK
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Saskatchewan – APEGS
Association of Public Sector Information Professionals – DPI
Canadian Diamond Drilling Association – CDDA
Canadian West Coast Chapter – Project Management Institute – CWCC-PMI
Live Free Men’s Conference – Regina Apostolic Church
NSC Congress & Expo – 2018 **Top Ten Speaker!!
Pacific Safety Center – 2017 Safety Committee Conference
Safety Services Manitoba – 2017 Occupational Health and Safety Conference
Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres – SARC
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association – SCSA
Service & Hospitality Safety Association – SHSA
South Saskatchewan – Project Management Institute
Urban Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan – UMAAS
VPP Safety & Health Conference 2018 – Region VI VPP
Ecole Monseigneur de Laval
FW Johnson School
Prairie Valley School Division
Saskatchewan Hutterian Education Association (SHEA)
Unity High School
University of Regina
Youth Safety Education Day 2016 & 2018
Canadian Utility Construction
Flint Hills Resources
Husky Energy
Plains Midstream
Sawyers Trees & Landscapes
Saskatchewan Abilities Council
Sun Country Health Region
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Saskatchewan Mining Association – SMA
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations – A Glencore Company
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Manufacturing Safety Alliance of British Columbia – Make it Safe X
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Alberta Municipal Supervisors Association – AMSA
Alberta Public Works Association – APWA Alberta Chapter
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City of Saskatoon
Public Works Association of British Columbia – PWABC
Saskatchewan Public Works Association – CPWA-SK
Wascana Centre Authority
Canadian Pacific
Plains Midstream
Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure

“You’re an incredibly dynamic speaker! Had my attention for the whole hour, and that’s sayin’ something!”, “Amazing Presentation!”, “Outstanding!”, “Well done!”, “You did a great job and everyone loved it!”, “Best presentation of the conference!”, “Duane Janiskevich should have been one of the keynote speakers!”, “Excellent, very motivating presentation!”
– Various Attendees of “Unleashing the Power of Regret”
– 2012 PMI Professional Development Conference

“Thanks again for presenting at the Patient Safety Conference! The feedback has been phenomenal – both through our evaluation and comments I have received. I will recommend you to my peers throughout the province.”
– F. Watson, Sun Country Health Region

We were fortunate to have Duane Janiskevich speak at our Safety Summit. Duane’s story touched many. His ‘from the heart’ comments about the affect his incident had on his family, made people understand how big of an impact a serious injury can have on the ones you love. The results of our presentation evaluation forms showed all positive comments and the rating was at the top of the list. Duane’s presentation touched many hearts and gives you insight as to why safety is so important, and why we must come home safely every day.
– B. Doehl, Safety Coordinator SaskPower

“This is not your typical safety presentation, and I’ve been through a lot of them. Duane draws his audience in with his humour, personal experiences and his courage to be open. His humour really stood out, in the midst of a subject that can be tense and disturbing. I found myself laughing often and ended up with a message I felt compelled to embrace. I am very impacted and challenged to be safer for both myself and my family.”
– J. Williams

“Duane’s Stop Cutting Corners presentation is down to earth and inspiring. He showcases how NOT taking that extra moment to ensure safety can have major impacts on your life and that of many others. Safety first is a message we all must remember and Duane’s heartfelt delivery conveys how safety must always be top of mind”
– Bernadette McIntyre, CEO Wascana Centre Authority

“I think your message should be heard by everyone. You remained positive and developed a very important perspective on what it means in the face of other people’s life threatening ordeals. Because there are no ‘do overs’, it is always how we move ahead rather than staying full of regrets that is important.”
– R. Munholland – Supervisor, SaskPower

“Not only did you do a phenomenal job in speaking, it makes me think about safety and how it could impact not only me but my family if something should happen.”
– B. Anderson

“Your presentation was something all of SaskPower needs to hear.”
– W. McEwen

“You were able to describe deep emotions that many men have problems finding and expressing, making your presentation much more powerful. One scene I recall was the picture of your wife and son silhouetted in the window of your hospital room, and your explanation which illustrated that not only were you affected, but so were those around you. Your message is a powerful one, delivered with the right amount detail that allows your audience to put themselves in your place; and therefore, into where they could potentially be if they cut corners.” – A. Bristol

“You were very open about the ‘psychological consequences’ of your injury – the ‘ how could I have done something so careless knowing there is no one to blame but myself’ – that just speaks to reality so well. So many of us go through similar things – not necessarily incidents this severe, but just things we do then say ‘what was I thinking?’ The psychological response is really the most important, but many times people only talk about the physical repercussions.” – V. Carter