Looking for Trouble

Have you ever seen someone’s actions and thought “He’s just looking for trouble!” or “What does she think she’s gaining by doing that?” Yesterday I was ready to leave the parking lot, but I needed to wait until a sporty little black Subaru Impreza went past. In an effort to impress, the driver of the powerful little car put the pedal down. He was easily doing 70 kmh in a 40 kmh zone. A pedestrian was crossing the street ahead so the driver pinned his brakes to let the pedestrian through. Then the car sped off once again. I turned on to the road, but was glad I was behind this driver rather than in front of him.

As I approached Kramer Boulevard and Wascana Parkway I was intent on making the light. Then I noticed there seemed to be a situation since the car that could’ve turned left in front of me waited until I approached the intersection. When I looked to my right there was the sporty black Subaru and the driver was walking outside his vehicle shrugging his shoulders. There was a conversation between the driver and another man beside his mountain bike. They seemed to be alternating throwing their hands up in the air. It appeared that the cyclist had just picked the mountain bike off the street.

The cyclist appeared to be alright and it didn’t look like the rims on the bike were bent, but I think this was a close call. It was a close call that easily could have been prevented, but I couldn’t believe how fast this turned around on the driver. When the Subaru drove past me I was thinking “someone’s going to get hurt with this guy driving so fast”. A mere 2 blocks later he almost picked off a cyclist. I would’ve stopped and chimed in as required, but I was driving my mountain bike as well and didn’t feel my presence there would benefit the situation at all.

I suppose I can only hope the driver will regret his action and a lesson will be learned, resulting in a changed behavior. I know I learned a lesson in a similar situation. I guess time will tell.

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