Perspective Waiting to be Noticed

One of the biggest tools in addressing an obstacle or injury is perspective. Often the obstacle is obstructing your view from everything else. It takes a predominant position and calls out to your consciousness, blocking everything beyond its view. Perhaps my last blog was even a little representative of a loss of perspective.

Perspective is happening all around us. Will we choose to look up from our difficulty to acknowledge that it may be quite insignificant? What gives me the right to say this? How can I downplay your problems? In Little Things Matter Todd Smith says we should

Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you’re the only one with problems. Everyone has problems! If you threw your problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, you’d grab yours back in a heartbeat.

Perspective is happening right now in Japan and Libya. How high do your problems rank in comparison? You don’t need to look overseas to gain perspective … its all around us just waiting to be noticed.

With respect to my journey, my injury produced some nasty pain, but the anguish pales in comparison to someone battling cancer or recovering from a more significant injury. Perspective reached out and slapped me in the face as I went to rehab for the first time after my injury. I came through the doors of Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and was greeted by a friend of mine who was also going through rehab. He began consoling me regarding my injury, but he was doing so from a wheel chair that he has been confined to since an automobile collision where he became a quadriplegic. It was obvious that his situation was more devastating than what I was facing, but he greeted me with a smile and assured me some days are tough, but it keeps getting better. Through his care and concern he offered me a “pick me up” at a time when I needed it … I’ve been blessed by doing the same for others.

Are you ready to deal with that problem, obstacle or injury and begin to move forward? Don’t deny your obstacles, defy them. Acknowledging your obstacles assists you in defeating and overcoming them. Choose to look past your problem and gain something very valuable … perspective.

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