Pickin’ Raspberries

RaspberriesI find it interesting to step back some times and realize how much we are able to adapt. I often share about adaptation because it takes us past feeling sorry for our situation to the realization that some things may be different in our future. Adaptation may not be necessary because of an injury, but possibly just as the result of some action.

I was picking raspberries the other day and noticed that my right and left hand serve a different function than what used to be the case. My right hand is my dominant hand, but since my injury there are a number of tasks that are easier to do as a left-hander. When I used to pick raspberries the job of the left hand was to lift the leaves and hold back the raspberry stem while the right hand picked the actual raspberries. I didn’t knowingly switch functions, but observed these tasks are now being carried out by the other hand.

I do recall picking raspberries the year following my injury and having frequent issues with dropping berries and also having difficulting picking them off the stems. Often my pointer finger was too short and I am unable to move the top of my middle finger so it creates difficulty in pinching the raspberries and placing them in the bucket. We need to embrace how resilient and resourceful we are. If pride doesn’t stand in the way we are able to adapt to many different things. Of course adaptation might also take place when we are aware there are other tools we can use to make a job easier … in this case the carabiner 😉

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