Prairie Sandbagging

STOP Cutting Corners

STOP Cutting Corners!

Along with the election talk a big topic on the Prairies is sandbagging and flood preparation. After a very wet 2010 people want to prepare for what 2011 has in store as the snow begins to melt and waters begin to rise. Sandbagging is a temporary preventative measure that helps to combat the rise of rivers such as Manitoba’s Red River.

Sandbagging is a good temporary risk mitigation strategy, but requires assistance from a long term solution. The Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg have put a considerable amount of money into the building of dikes and floodways to ensure the safety of their citizens.

Flooding is definitely a safety concern, but is also a good indication of what an organization should do with respect to other safety concerns that exist. We have to start off with recognizing there is a known or perceived hazard. What will it take to adequately mitigate that hazard? What type of probability is there that this will be a problem (in other words what is your risk)? What is the severity of the hazard? What short term strategies need to be deployed? Are there long term solutions that can be put in place to avoid future occurrences?

As time goes by if you’re continually approaching your hazard with a sandbag in hand perhaps it’s time you stepped back to see what other permanent solution you should be putting in place. Examine your organization … Where do you need a sandbag? Where do you need a floodway?

To view a current floodmap or report flooding in your area check out or

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