Present Danger

They caught my attention because I could hear them enjoying their day just outside my window. There was three of them working together sharing a little camaraderie as they soaked up the sunshine. I admired their work and the fact they were working away without a care in the world. Their work was efficient and precise; I couldn’t help but think how much better they were doing than I would. I’m not sure how long they worked at their trade, but there were a number of other people admiring their job as well. In fact, they had an area sectioned off just so a crowd wouldn’t grow and potentially be adversely impacted by their work.

I don’t think their work is too difficult, but it’s clear to see they took pride in what they were doing and all the on-lookers could easily see the skills they were brandishing. One thing is for certain, it takes someone with a unique skill set to even apply for a job like this. I know that might sound a little contradictory, but as I said they were right out my window, in fact, they were washing my window … on the seventeenth floor.

I had the chance to go down and talk to their boss about the exceptional job they were doing and about how they seemed to be having a good time. From the ground level I was marveling at how high that was and how comfortable they were working at that height. Their boss confided in me that being a high-rise window washer takes a special kind of person.

Hill Tower I - Regina, SK

Hill Tower – Regina, SK

Most of us aren’t hanging out on the 17th story, but I would venture to guess all of us will, at times, approach a common daily task without regard to the present danger. Inattention or disregard to hazards can prove to be dangerous or even fatal. Sometimes we get a little cocky with safety and our attitude says “It won’t happen to me”. Kind of like a boxer letting down his guard or even going out of his way to taunt his opponent. Sooner or later that tactic will fail and the results will be devastating, just ask Anderson Silva.

My window washer friends were following the safety protocols they have established, are you? Or are you leaving your chin out there waiting for the next haymaker?

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