Regina White Gold Rush

SunriseThere has been a lot of snow in Regina this year and I’m sure the snow clearing budget was used up long ago. Apparently the record snowfall we had in November alone was more than all snowfall from last winter. I heard yesterday that they are clearing streets 20 hours a day, 7 days a week to try and catch up. What gets me is the guy that complains about the snow clearing while he’s sitting on his couch and there are so many people braving the cold weather and working hard to make the city run smoothly. This much snow has been viewed as “white gold” to companies dedicated to clean it up, but certainly a very onerous task for a city the size of Regina.

Many people are critical of the effort the city is taking to clear the snow, but I think they’ve done a fabulous job. The problem is; it’s a lot of snow! During these long days and even later nights the city crews are working hard to get everything cleared off. I think it can be compared to a farmer at harvest time. Kinda like making hay while the sun is shinin’, it’s work that needs to get done. It seems like an unfathomable amount of work with very tight deadline and possibly even more snow on the way. The problem is with all this effort and long hours, physical and cognitive fatigue set in. When you experience cognitive fatigue you aren’t thinking clearly or thinking about the consequences of your actions. It’s at that time we take unwarranted risks.

Are you working with the “pedal to the metal” and “burning the candle at both ends”? Are your “aware of” or “oblivious to” the hazards this approach may pose? Step back and assess your situation. Some people argue, “I don’t have time to do that!” I would counter, you can’t afford not to. I’m not saying everyone has to fit within the 40 hour work week (wouldn’t that be nice), but I am saying don’t let your passion to complete a task cloud your judgement when your safety is at risk. Well, it’s time for me to quit blogging I’ve got to get outside and shovel the sidewalk.

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