Speak up for Safety!

This afternoon it was a beautiful outside so I decided to go for a walk. I was walking downtown Regina and came up to the intersection of Hamilton and 11th, but needed to wait for the walk light. The lady on my right was already standing on the edge of the curb waiting for the light to change. I made my way closer to the curb at the wheelchair ramp. The light changed and the walk light displayed. I took a step into the intersection as a half-ton truck cut me off and rounded the corner making a turn right in front of me, heading toward the pedestrian.

WHOA! I yelled, within inches of the half-ton. The driver slammed her brakes and the lady that was crossing the street jumped back, narrowly avoiding being hit by the truck. The truck continued on its way, but not before a look of shock was shared between the pedestrian and the driver. The pedestrian appeared a little shook up and rightfully so since the front of the truck was a couple feet passed where she was standing when it finally stopped. She insisted she was fine, but credited me for saving her from certain injury. She said the driver stopped and she jumped back because I yelled. Thankfully the driver had her windows down.

I think the driver must’ve been timing the light. She was southbound and the light just turned green. It happened so fast, but I think I did a partial shoulder check (a good safety habit) as I was beginning to walk into the intersection. The motion of the vehicle caught my peripheral vision and thankfully I yelled out right away. I was upset with the driver and she was certainly in the wrong, but I recall a time when I nearly made the same tragic mistake.

I’m so glad that I needed to go out for some fresh air this afternoon. I like to think that my voice on safety is making a difference, today I know for sure that it did. My safety presentation is called “STOP Cutting Corners” and it became clearer than ever how easily people can get HURT when we cut corners. Is there an impending hazard that you need to call out? You’ll be glad you did.

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