Spirit of Giving in 2013!

It’s the dawn of a brand new year! How is 2013 going to be different than 2012? How will you choose to impact those around you? As a motivational and safety speaker I have an awesome opportunity to impact people in a positive way. Other than raising my kids, speaking is the most rewarding opportunity that I’ve ever had.

I revel in the fact my blood type is B Positive, because I enjoy being positive. I feel a positive attitude and gratefulness are attributes that reach far beyond what our minds comprehend.

50DonationsChristmas is often seen as a season of giving. I’d like to take a few moments to encourage you to carry over the spirit of giving to 2013. On January 5, 2013 I reached a milestone in my giving, it marks my 50th whole blood donation. It may seem like a lofty number, but if I donated each time I was eligible (every 56 days) it would’ve taken me less than 9 years to get to 50 donations.

I started donating blood when I was at the Saskatchewan Technical Institute in 1985 (you must be 17 years old to donate). I wasn’t aware that first positive experience would grow into a life-long commitment. Donating blood is very easy to do yet it is a gift that can actually save someone’s life. Every minute of every day, someone in Canada is in need of blood. I experience a euphoric feeling each time I donate since I know that I helped someone, even though I never really know who that someone is. It’s truly anonymous, but so powerful.

When my injury occurred in 2008 I recall being very concerned that I may need blood products since I donated blood earlier in the week. I didn’t require a transfusion since a donation is roughly 450 ml and we have nearly 5 litres of blood in our system. I have been very fortunate and have never needed blood products, but know a number of people who have. For those who need the blood products it is truly life-giving.

LifeSavingGiftThe truth is that just one automobile collision or 10 cancer treatments could consume my life total of donations. I honestly feel I haven’t given enough. Perhaps this article will encourage you to donate blood. For more information give Canadian Blood Services a call at 1-888 2 Donate (1 888 236 6283). After all, it’s in you to give.

For my US visitors, please visit one of America’s Blood Centers.

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