Stop Cutting Corners!

STOP Cutting Corners

STOP Cutting Corners!

“Cutting Corners” is defined as removing part of a process while attempting to achieve the original result. Usually it is done to save time, effort or money, but often it results in an unsafe practice.

November 22, 2008 seemed like another Saturday of renovating where I spent far too much time with far too little progress completely unaware my life was about to take a dramatic turn. It was the end of a long day when an effort to save time resulted in the unsafe use of a tool and placed me on the receiving end of a table saw kickback. The results were devastating! My right hand was crushed; my pointer and ring fingers were amputated and my middle finger and thumb were barely hanging on. Thankfully, a surgical team was able to reattach my thumb and middle finger and through hope, perseverance, rehabilitation and healing I have regained much of the functionality of a hand I once took for granted. My missing fingers serve as a constant reminder of the potential impact of cutting corners.

STOP Cutting Corners is a presentation developed with authenticity and vulnerability that is deepened by providing some of my history and the events leading up to my injury. The presentation highlights the impact seemingly benign actions may have on your job, on your well being and on your family. I uncover the range of emotions that needs to be worked through when dealing with a serious injury including: Frustration, Anger, Pain, Victimization, Loss, Fragility and Entrapment. I don’t stop there; I also equip the audience with the tools I used to overcome these negative feelings including: Forgiveness, Perspective, Perseverance, Hope, Blessing, Encouragement, Love,  Acceptance, Adaptation and Healing.

Prevention and awareness of potential hazards are key components in the quest for injury prevention. Not only are these types of injuries preventable they’re completely unnecessary. Self evaluation becomes a strong tool which enables the audience to examine where they have cut corners and how they can avoid doing so in the future. This presentation is much more than a list of do’s and don’ts, it has become a guide to overcome adversity and drives home the realization that injuries can happen to anyone when we get complacent and decide to cut corners.

I enjoy working with individuals and organizations in an on-going effort to raise safety awareness and encourage people to Stop Cutting Corners! Promote a culture of safety within your organization by contacting Duane for a speaking engagement today!

pdf version of STOP Cutting Corners Presentation Summary.

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