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Defensive Safety

There are times when the prevention of an injury may lie in someone else’s hands. Protecting yourself from these types of injuries is similar to defensive driving in that you always have to pay attention for other situations around you. This was common practice for me as a motorcyclist and then as a cyclist knowing […]

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Invisible Pedestrians

I’m guilty of it and, I’m guessing, so are a lot of you … I’m not proud of it but sometimes I go to work wearing a black or dark coloured jacket. Once in a while I’ll even wear a dark jacket with dark pants. The title of this story should help you figure out […]

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Thrill Seekers

One of my earlier blogs spoke of how fear can be completely debilitating. I was using an experience I had back in 2001 to demonstrate this point. More specifically, I was in Zimbabwe Africa at Victoria Falls. There were a couple of activities I engaged in that I likely wouldn’t have been at liberty to […]

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A Step Away From Disaster!

I have tweeted a number of times related to vehicle safety, but the harsh reality is that driving a vehicle is likely the most dangerous activity that most people engage in. The term “cutting corners” originated during the horse and buggy days when cutting a corner was quite dangerous. A similar danger would still exist […]

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