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Invisible Pedestrians

I’m guilty of it and, I’m guessing, so are a lot of you … I’m not proud of it but sometimes I go to work wearing a black or dark coloured jacket. Once in a while I’ll even wear a dark jacket with dark pants. The title of this story should help you figure out […]

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Thrill Seekers

One of my earlier blogs spoke of how fear can be completely debilitating. I was using an experience I had back in 2001 to demonstrate this point. More specifically, I was in Zimbabwe Africa at Victoria Falls. There were a couple of activities I engaged in that I likely wouldn’t have been at liberty to […]

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A Step Away From Disaster!

I have tweeted a number of times related to vehicle safety, but the harsh reality is that driving a vehicle is likely the most dangerous activity that most people engage in. The term “cutting corners” originated during the horse and buggy days when cutting a corner was quite dangerous. A similar danger would still exist […]

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