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Perspective from Christmas Cards

I’ve talked about perspective in the past, because I believe it is absolutely vital to gain perspective when you’re enduring a hardship. My injury occurred near the end of November. It’s around the time you start to receive Christmas cards. The Christmas of 2008 produced a record number of cards because I had many people […]

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Time to Spring Forward?

This story is part 2 of my Daylight Savings Time Series … Spring Forward; Fall Back Saskatchewan is a province that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time and our safety statistics indicate we often don’t observe safety hazards. In the past I have stated that “Being safe isn’t about living with a complete lack of risk, […]

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You givin’ me the Finger?

Okay you’ve all noticed it … some of you have even been brave enough to say it. I have to watch how I wave to people because of it. The newly adjusted configuration of my hand looks like I’m constantly giving the finger, flippin’ the bird or givin’ the Trudeau salute. I felt kind of […]

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How serious is a Hand injury?

Warning – You may prefer to skip this blog if you have a weak stomach since it contains graphic photos and a video of my hand injury.  It may be unlikely that you would die from a hand injury, but a hand injury can have a very significant impact on your life. Stop to consider the importance […]

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Stop Cutting Corners!

“Cutting Corners” is defined as removing part of a process while attempting to achieve the original result. Usually it is done to save time, effort or money, but often it results in an unsafe practice.

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