The dog and the shrub

As a speaker I have the privilege to meet a lot of fascinating people who often take the opportunity to come up and tell me some of their stories. I recently delivered my “Power of Regret” presentation and one of the gentlemen in the crowd came up and told me a story about adaptation. Adaptation is often required when responding to an injury or deep regrets.

He told me the story of his dog who had suffered an injury that resulted in the loss of his rear leg. Of course the dog adapted quite well and ran around on three legs, but one thing he noticed was the dog fell flat on his face when he passed his favorite shrub. Intrigued by what was happening with the dog he watched closely to see what was causing his difficulties. In the past the dog had always peed on this little shrub, but when he went to lift his leg he would end up doing a nose dive and fall on his face. The problem was he kept lifting the leg he was standing on. This pattern persisted for days and became an amusement for his owner as he watched his dog struggling to adapt to his new reality.

After continuing to fall on his face day after day, the dog finally decided to approach the shrub from the other side. With the amputated leg already out of the way the dog was once again able to pee on the shrub. Although more difficult at first, the process became even easier than before his injury since he didn’t even have to lift his leg. I suppose you could say the moral of the story is if you keep falling on your face when you’re peeing, lift the other leg. I think the stronger message is adaptation is natural and even if you fall flat on your face, don’t give up … the shrub is counting on you 😉

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