What’s your freedom worth?

A while back I watched a movie called Conviction (spoiler alert) where Hillary Swank played the role of Betty Ann Waters and Sam Rockwell played the role of Kenny Waters. It was based on the real-life murder conviction of Kenny Waters and how his sister fought for his freedom.

Betty Ann puts herself through college and law school for the sole purpose of helping her brother. Betty Ann’s devotion to her brother may be an unparalleled sibling dedication. Betty Ann believed her brother was wrongfully convicted, but it wasn’t until DNA testing was available that she was able to prove it. There was one struggle after another that finally lead to Kenny’s freedom 18 years later! All that fighting, all that effort was finally worth it when Kenny was freed.

As I watched the closing credits of the movie I was dumbfounded to find out that only 6 months after his release Kenny died from a fall from a ladder. Betty Ann stated it was the best 6 months of his life. One small action erased the freedom it took years to attain. Someone commented on the news story, “What a waste!” On first glance I thought that’s a pretty ignorant statement, but I guess it could be said of any injury. What a waste of time/attention/pain/life when it could all be prevented. The realization that a preventable injury took away more than just his freedom highlighted the importance of safety and my role within the safety world.

Safety can have a detrimental effect on your health. Have you taken your safety for granted? You need to ensure your safety, the impact may even be bigger than a wrongful murder conviction.

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